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Pacific Ecom, Inc is an IBM B2B Integration partner.
Our relationship with IBM allows us to offer IBM B2B Integrator as part of our B2B solutions portfolio.

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About Us

Pacific Ecom has been helping businesses with their EDI needs since 1987.
During that time, we have worked with a number of EDI packages in almost every industry including, medical, manufacturing, distribution, shipping and transportation.
  The EDI package that stood out amoung the others is IBM B2B Integrator and as such, we became an IBM business partner and Integrator has become the tool of choice for Pacific Ecom.
  Our extensive knowledge of the application development life cycle, combined with our EDI experience helps us understand the full dynamics of system integration.

Shipping Industry

We have EDI experience in most industries, however we found a real need in the shipping industry which we have been working to fill since 2004 and our consultants have a strong working knowledge of the Navis N4 terminal operations system.
  We have sucessfully interfaced IBM Integrator with Navis N4 at several shipping terminals. Some installations have completely replaced the external Navis process flow and external maps. In these cases, IBM Integrator handles the communications with trading partners, transforms the EDI messages to XML and pushes the XML to Navis. Other installations replace the trading partner communications and external maps but continue to use the Navis internal msps to convert the EDI to XML.